Thursday, September 17, 2009

Halloween Light Switch Cover Plate

Halloween Light Switch Cover

Now that Halloween will soon be upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to at least put up a Halloween switch plate cover you could quickly put up around your house to the delight of your family and guests.

There are a couple of different Halloween switchplates you could get if you wanted, and both have those great fall and seasonal colors. The first one is of the larger photo above as you can see, and you'd have to click on the bottom one to get a better look at a larger picture.

Both are great Halloween decorative light switch covers for all to enjoy.

Halloween Light Switch Cover

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Decorative Parrot Light Switch Cover

Parrot Light Switch Cover

This parrot light switch cover plate would work great in any pet or bird room, as the stamped leaf pattern and green background work with a lot of different themes.

Add the parrots and the branches and you can see how they could also work where you have plants and other things that grow, or a room which inludes elements of green.

Another nice thing about these parrot decorative light switch covers is you can find them in many different background and parrot colors, making them even more adaptible and versatile.

Parrot Light Switch Cover

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Blueberry Light Switch Cover Plate

Blueberry Light Switch Cover Plate

This blueberry light switch cover plate would be a nice addition in the right room, as the classic and quality of the piece would look good in many instances and circumstances.

With the white background and blue and green colors, along with leaves and fruit, it could look great as a part of your decor and home design strategy.

The shine of the background also adds to the classic and vintage look so desired by a lot of people.

Blueberry Light Switch Cover Plate

Friday, June 5, 2009

Light Switch Covers | How To Match Light Switch with Light Switch Plate Colors

Light Switch Covers

There's nothing worse than getting home from your great decorative light plate find, to put it on and find out the cream or white color of the switch clash so badly with it, it takes away all the reason for getting it.

Don't despair though, as there's a simple and easy way to take care of the problem.

Here's a way to just about make that light switch disappear from interfering with your decorative light cover.

Assuming you've taken the cover off and the light switch box is open, put newspaper or plastic around the light switch box completely. I think if you have newspaper that would be better. Just tape it snuggly all the way around so nothing can get in it when you spray it with paint.

Extend the newspaper or plastic out far enough so you have no overflow of paint to your walls.

Make sure it's also right up to the light switch sticking out on all sides, and nothing but that is showing.

With the light switch being plastic, you'll need to first apply a primer that will adhere to plastic, and you can find that at any paint, hardware or big-box home improvement store.

Simply spray the primer on the switch and give it time to dry.

Now, take the paint that matches the color or colors of your decorative light switch plate, and spray it on the light switch over the dried primer.

A few thin coats is better than one or two thick ones, as it will have a tendency to glob up if it's too thick.

One trick to keep in mind while doing this: If the color on the top of the light switch cover is different from the bottom you can press the switch either way to compensate for that, and spray it accordingly.

Make sure you take into account that the lower side of the switch will show when it's up, and the upper side will show when it's down. You also may want to temporarily shut your power off in the house if you have to paint the switch when it's turned on.

When you're through with that, you can get a can of spray varnish and finish it up with a few coats to add a nice sheen to the light switch.

This is really not that hard, and you'll be glad you took the time to do it as you enjoy your new decorative light switch plate with very little clashing of colors.

Light Switch Covers

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Light Switch Covers | How To Install a Light Switch Cover if the Light Switch Box Sticks Out

Light Switch Covers

Occasionally we talk at Light Switch Cover about how to handle a few of the problems that can arise when you attempt to install a new light switchplate.

In this post we'll talk about one that can really baffle you if you're not aware of how to solve it, and that is when a light switch box sticks out after you take of the old light switchplate and try to put on the new on and ... when you place it over the light switch box, it doesn't lay flat because it sticks out too far.

Of course at this time you're really puzzled, because you think of the old switchplate that laid flat on it, and attempt to figure out the mystery.

This can actually happen at a new home as well as an old, because the original switch box wasn't installed correctly, and it sticks out for that reason.

But the cause really doesn't matter, it's the solution. So here's the reason why the old plate laid flat: it's in the length of the screws. Yup. As easy as that.

What happens when a light switch box sticks out is you either would have to take it out and redo everything to make it fit, or you can go out and buy new screws. Bet you didn't think it would be that easy did you.

Now the trick is that you must go out and get shorter screws for the lightswitch plate because the longer ones won't work in this instance.

If you're lucky, nylon screws came with your switchplate kit, and all you would have to do there is snip off the end with a scissors and screw the light plate cover in.

And if you're not so lucky and have a metal screw, just take one of the original screws and bring it to a store and get a couple a little shorter of the same kind.

You could even get a couple shorter screws of different lengths to save you a trip. They're not expensive, and you could always return the ones you buy if they aren't needed.

Light switchplates don't have to be a difficult thing to work with at all, and usually they're not. This is one of only a couple of real problems that occur, and really the worst one. Now you know how to take care of it.

Light Switch Covers

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Light Switch Covers | Fixing or Installing Light Switchplate When Screws Don't Line Up

Light Switch Covers

So you go out and get your new decorative switchplates, take the screws off and remove the old one, press the new wall plate in place and ... the screws don't line up. Arrrgh!

Don't panic, your dreams of the new light switch decorative place adding some character and fun to your room isn't over, and it's not even that difficult to deal with.

Just take your new light switch cover off and lay it to the side for a moment.

What the problem is, is underneath on the light switch box itself (what the switch is connected to), whether through settling of the house, or whatever reason, shifting has taken place and the plate will now have to be lined up correctly.

So what you do with it is loosen up the screws on the light switch box (again, what the light switch is attached to), but don't take them completely out of their holes.

Once they're loosened, then place the decorative light switch cover, or whatever type of light switch cover you bought (it doesn't matter) and place it over the light switch box.

After that, just adjust it until everything lines up straight, and tighten the screws back into place, and then screw in the light switch cover. It's as easy as that.

So if you ever get your highly anticipated dream light plate cover, don't panic if you can't get it on at first, just take these couple of steps and the problem is solved.

Light Switch Covers

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Light Switch Cover | Using A Light Switch Cover to Express Yourself

Light Switch Cover

Having found a number of fascinating light switch cover plates when doing some research on something else has been the motivation behind the light switch cover blog.

And one of those switchplates the motivated me is the one of "David" on the right.

That got me researching on switch plate covers and I couldn't believe the huge number of them I found. There were as many light switch plate's on the market as you could find variety of tattoos, and you know how many of those there are.

It's really odd when I think of it, as I used to work at and manage big box home improvement stores and/or hardware stores, and even though they had a ton of decorative light covers, I never really took the time to explore them. I am now, as they've really impressed me with what's our there, and the many things you can do with them; whether they're inside outlets or outside decorative outlet covers.

Let's admit it, when you find some light switch covers for your favorite professional or college sports team, your favorite movies series, or even those you can take from family photos and customize them, you know you're going to have a lot of fun making decisions on where to put them and getting rid of those old white or beige switchplates.

What else has impressed me immensely is the quality of some of the decorative switchplates, which can include reproductions of the paintings of the masters, and retain a very high quality look, or those that are made in 3-D, and really stand out as a centerpiece, even though it's a simple light switch cover.

The days are long gone when we used light switch plates for the purpose of simply keeping things safe or covering up an ugly hole in the wall. Now they're part of the decor and personal statement of a home.

What was really cool, was seeing switch plate covers that reminded you of days gone by, showing a variety of old time products, places and businesses we used to cater to, and were what we thought of when recalling a major part of our childhood.

Being orginally from the northern part of Minnesota, the outdoors was always an important part of our lifestyle and experience, and finding a cover plate switch which was not only decorative and 3 dimensional, but also displaying magnificant wildlife themes blew me away.

There were moose light switchplates, duck outlet covers, and a plethora of animals, fish and birds you could see and appreciate on these decorative light switch plates.

And it didn't matter if they were decorative switch plates or decorative outlet covers, the impact, enjoyment and fascination was the same; they were just cool. The only challenge with the outlet covers was the larger holes were extra challenges to make the image fit on a smaller sized surface, while retaining the art form.

Another major change that has come in switchplates has been the variety of materials you can choose from. Along with the usual plastic cover switch plate, you have those made in wood, metal and ceramic, and a few others.

This was great in that you could put any of these in about any type of themed room you have in the house; including a shop or home office.

All of this is really fun and enjoyable, as every part of our homes can now be customized and personalized to fit who we are and what we love and stand for.

Light switch covers are now a huge part of that creativity and expression, and we now have about any choice available to meet all our diverse interests; even as it's spread from room to room in our homes.

Light Switch Covers

Light Switch Covers | Double Light Switch Cover of Old Pagan Seasonal Gods

Light Switch Covers

While this type of switchplate won't appeal to everyone, there are a number that would consider it harmless and more of a seasonal decoration than a worship of the old gods.

Some of these old pagan seasonal gods were not only worshipped for abundant supply but were also considered sexual in the sense of bringing fertility to mother earth, who they worshipped.

The two figures on this double light switch cover are the Horned Man, who supposedly ruled during the darker and colder parts of winter, and the Green Man, who ruled in the lighter months of summer.

For those who just want a fun piece that deals more with the seasonal changes than former worship of the gods of the past, this could be a good addition to your home or outdoors' switchplates.

Double Switchplate ~ Dryad Design

Light Switch Covers

Monday, June 1, 2009

Light Switch Covers | Fantastic Tinkerbell Switchplate for Your Children's Room

Light Switch Covers

Tinkerbell continues to be one of the more popular Disney characters, and has enjoyed a resurgence among youngsters and families recently.

So the idea of a wonderful Tinkerbell switchplate in your child's room is inspiring, as they have really connected with and are familiar with her.

Here's one I found that fits that mode, and any child would love to see every time they turn their light switch off and on.

The enchantment of Disney will remind your children or grandchildren of the wonders of life when they then enter and leave their rooms.

Light Switch Covers

Tinkerbell Light Switch Covers

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Light Switch Covers | Put Your Favorite College Team on the Wall

Light Switch Covers

It's always a lot of fun to put one of your favorite sports teams over the light switch, and show off your devotion and pride in your regional college team.

I included one here from the rabid fans of Arkansas and their Arkansas Razorbacks football team.

Just look at it and picture what your favorite team would look like on your wall. It's a lot of fun and a good conversation piece when visitors come around; especially the fans of opposing teams. Haha. That always makes things interesting.

Ok, before someone complains I'm playing favorites, I also included a look at the one from the Nittany Lions at Penn State.

Anyway, there lot's of fun and sports fans in your family will love them.

Light Switch Covers

Friday, May 29, 2009

Light Switch Covers | A Subtle Message to Your Hubby Via 'The Family Guy'

Light Switch Covers

I'm always on the lookout for fun and interesting light switch covers, and this one here I just had to share of 'The Family Guy.'

It's just the type of thing you can sneak and put when when your husband is gone, so when he comes home and turns on the light, he can get a look at what you think about the time he's spending with the family.

Of course it should be a fun thing, and it is just as fun to jest at how women view their husbands, as big kids wanting to still hang around with his buddies.

Anyway, it's just a switchplate that I personally thought was great and a conversation piece when the ladies come around and tell you how wise you are for understanding how these grownup kids called husbands are.

Light Switch Covers

Family Guy Switchplate

Light Switch Covers | Beautiful Sunflower 3-D Light Switch Cover

Light Switch Cover

The vibrant colors of this sunflower 3-D light switch cover are stunning to me. Being a fan of deep yellow, I thought the colors portrayed here are just gorgeous.

In the middle where you can see the seeds, that was also very creatively done.

One thing the designer of this light switch cover anticipated, was the interference a normal light switch itself would have upon the look, thus the brown colored screws were prepared to blend with the switch, which would have to be changed to the color of the cover.

I could definitely picture the light being turned on and the underneath of the switch being brown, and then when it's turned off, the switch being yellow. That's not that hard to do, as this article on changing the color of your light switch shows.

You would just have to paint the one side first, than cover that up and paint the other.

Light Switch Cover

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Light Switch Covers | Marvel Comic Book Hero Switchplate

Light Switch Covers

In my seemingly endless search for cool light switch covers, I found this one from the comic book super heroes of the Marvel Universe. All the little boys (and maybe big boys) in your house will love them.

Usually our boys' rooms are decorated with super heroes of some type, so adding the light switch cover they're constantly looking at when turning on the lights in their rooms will be great fun and a terrific addition to their motif.

Now that Hollywood is turning out one Marvel superhero film after another, all your boys will be familiar with the characters on the switchplate, so you don't have to be concerned if it's something they'll like. Most boys are enamored with the exploits of their favorite heroes.

I included the Marvel Heroes light switch cover from Amazon if you want to get it for your little ones.

Comic Book Superstars Decorative Switchplate Cover

Light Switch Covers

Light Switch Covers | Anyone for Skulls?

Light Switch Covers

I'm not always sure why, but it seems there's always a desire in a number of mediums to include skulls as part of their vision, and that's no different in light switch covers.

Down below I included several that Amazon sells to give you an idea of the types out there.

For the most part they're really not too bad compared to what they might have been, although I do like that single skull, obviously the most quality-looking, if you can say that about a skinless head. Haha.

Anyway, it's pretty interesting to see the variety of light switch covers there are available, and also to see that no matter what we do, part of the culture we participate in seems to end up on every type of product out there.

Now you can have your own skull light switch cover if you want to. Anyone out there that would want that covering your switch?

Light Switch Covers

Skulls and Bones Decorative Switchplate Cover

Skull Light Switch Cover

Barb Wire Skulls Decorative Switchplate Cover

Friday, May 22, 2009

Decorative Light Switch Covers | Lighting Up Your Home with Creative Designs

Decorative Light Switch Covers

The latest designs in the decorative light switch field are a lot of fun and exciting to look at. The possibilities are endless as far as including in the decor of our homes the endless number of subjects and themes now available to us on the market.

Just as many interesting things we've discovered in our lives, whether they be a favorite food, painter, celebrity, seasonal interest, religious, and an infinite variety of offerings we can choose from to put over our light switches.

The quality of the decorative switch plates have become so high, in many cases the craftsmanship or simple reproduction of a variety artists is extraordinary.

In many instances they are so high in quality and uniqueness that people simply collect them or place them in a safe place to see and enjoy, but not over the light switch plate where they could possibly be damaged.

Even so, most of the fun for most of use decorating our homes is to see the fun and delight in others faces when we share our joy with them in displaying and using them like they're meant to be used.

One thing that can really change the look of a light switch cover is the type of switches they're going over. As you can see at the bottom of the page, there are an enormous variety of ways switches are made, so the switch covers must adapt to those design demands.

What is unique about that is certain image and switchplate designs can be altered in impression as we look at them because of those different switch designs.

So certain images can be enhanced and changed in look and feel from the diversity of shapes they are placed over.

And the decorative outlet cover or switch cover can really be shown off in a way that changes how we see it in this circumstances.

Some quad toggle switchplates, when covered with specific designs, can be extraordinary in their quality and detail, and very clever in how they look as the image is incorporated into the light switch design itself.

Another fantastic decorative switch plate is the cast brass switch plate, which many people owning victorian style homes will include in their home decor.

Different types of brass finishes are offered in these cases like unlacquered brass or antique brass. Each finish is customized for a certain type of look and home.

Where it really gets fun and exciting is in the customized switchplate area.

Here you can put almost anything on your plate and have it placed on your wall or outlets. A number of companies are out there that can take your specifications and create them into what is uniquely you or what really moves you.

When you come right down to it, light switch covers aren't even thought of as something to cover up an ugly hole or protect us, now they're looked at as pieces of art which can express the very core values and interests that makes us who we are.

Decorative Light Switch Covers

Light Switch Covers | Astounding Variety That Adds To Any Decor

Light Switch Covers

Light switch cover plates have quickly moved from being simply a utilitarian item to a important, valuable part of the decor of a home.

The variety of switch plate covers has grown so much that they reflect the tastes of as many different lifestyles and messages people represent.

Everything is customized these days, and with switch plate decorative covers there are an infinite number of ways to customize the switch plates to communicate who you are.

Even the material of a switch plate can be completely different, as some are made of the usual plastic, but can also be offered in wood, or even ceramic, among a host of others.

Of course even the type of light switch itself will determine the shape of a light switch cover, and they can be rectangular, round, the usual small vertical rectangular shape, or in the case of light plug-ins, you can have those double or even hybrid types.

There are also some that will have multiple switches, so that could even add to your home decor drama.

It's when you get into the decorative plates that the excitement begins though, as the images included on them are of such high quality and made for the tastes of values of anyone, that no house needs to be without a customized version of them.

You can also have decorative switchplates of different types in every room that changes a theme, so your main bedroom could have one theme, your children's rooms another, and the other places in your home like the kitchen can have themed switch plates that go with the rest of the room.

Another exciting development is the way many of our favorite artists have licensed their work out to home decor items to allow their great works to be seen in our homes.

With light switchplates it's no different. You can find almost anything you like in this area as well, and have your favorite artists present in your home and presented on your walls in a way different than their usual medium.

This is of course a lot of fun and satisfying for adults, but children also really enjoy having their rooms customized to their personal tastes.

Seeing their favorite TV star or cartoon character on their light switch plate is very satisfying and fulfilling to them, just like having their blankets or pillows covered with those same images.

Even more fun, you can buy light switch cover plates which can be installed in season, so just like you decorate your house at different seasons of the year with various objects, you can add to your house by including seasonal switchplates around the home. You could even do that in your children's room with something that interests them during that particular season or holiday.

Ok, I had to leave this for last, it's those of us who love to collect many things, and the extraordinary variety of switchplates offers you the potential of a lifetime hobby that will never end.

There's no way you could buy up all the types of switchplates out there. Even if you chose a seasonal switchplate, the variety is so great you would struggle just to collect that theme, let alone several categories.

Like anything else we collect, we should bring it down to just loving the particular item we acquire. If we don't do that with collecting, we end up with every type in the world, but rarely use or appreciate them as they sit around in boxes.

Enough of this. The point is light switch cover plates are no longer just a thing to put over the switch because we need something there to protect us and to cover the insides, it's now something that is fun, decorative and should be part of everyone's creative decor.