Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Light Switch Covers | Fixing or Installing Light Switchplate When Screws Don't Line Up

Light Switch Covers

So you go out and get your new decorative switchplates, take the screws off and remove the old one, press the new wall plate in place and ... the screws don't line up. Arrrgh!

Don't panic, your dreams of the new light switch decorative place adding some character and fun to your room isn't over, and it's not even that difficult to deal with.

Just take your new light switch cover off and lay it to the side for a moment.

What the problem is, is underneath on the light switch box itself (what the switch is connected to), whether through settling of the house, or whatever reason, shifting has taken place and the plate will now have to be lined up correctly.

So what you do with it is loosen up the screws on the light switch box (again, what the light switch is attached to), but don't take them completely out of their holes.

Once they're loosened, then place the decorative light switch cover, or whatever type of light switch cover you bought (it doesn't matter) and place it over the light switch box.

After that, just adjust it until everything lines up straight, and tighten the screws back into place, and then screw in the light switch cover. It's as easy as that.

So if you ever get your highly anticipated dream light plate cover, don't panic if you can't get it on at first, just take these couple of steps and the problem is solved.

Light Switch Covers

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