Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Light Switch Covers | Double Light Switch Cover of Old Pagan Seasonal Gods

Light Switch Covers

While this type of switchplate won't appeal to everyone, there are a number that would consider it harmless and more of a seasonal decoration than a worship of the old gods.

Some of these old pagan seasonal gods were not only worshipped for abundant supply but were also considered sexual in the sense of bringing fertility to mother earth, who they worshipped.

The two figures on this double light switch cover are the Horned Man, who supposedly ruled during the darker and colder parts of winter, and the Green Man, who ruled in the lighter months of summer.

For those who just want a fun piece that deals more with the seasonal changes than former worship of the gods of the past, this could be a good addition to your home or outdoors' switchplates.

Double Switchplate ~ Dryad Design

Light Switch Covers

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