Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Light Switch Cover | Using A Light Switch Cover to Express Yourself

Light Switch Cover

Having found a number of fascinating light switch cover plates when doing some research on something else has been the motivation behind the light switch cover blog.

And one of those switchplates the motivated me is the one of "David" on the right.

That got me researching on switch plate covers and I couldn't believe the huge number of them I found. There were as many light switch plate's on the market as you could find variety of tattoos, and you know how many of those there are.

It's really odd when I think of it, as I used to work at and manage big box home improvement stores and/or hardware stores, and even though they had a ton of decorative light covers, I never really took the time to explore them. I am now, as they've really impressed me with what's our there, and the many things you can do with them; whether they're inside outlets or outside decorative outlet covers.

Let's admit it, when you find some light switch covers for your favorite professional or college sports team, your favorite movies series, or even those you can take from family photos and customize them, you know you're going to have a lot of fun making decisions on where to put them and getting rid of those old white or beige switchplates.

What else has impressed me immensely is the quality of some of the decorative switchplates, which can include reproductions of the paintings of the masters, and retain a very high quality look, or those that are made in 3-D, and really stand out as a centerpiece, even though it's a simple light switch cover.

The days are long gone when we used light switch plates for the purpose of simply keeping things safe or covering up an ugly hole in the wall. Now they're part of the decor and personal statement of a home.

What was really cool, was seeing switch plate covers that reminded you of days gone by, showing a variety of old time products, places and businesses we used to cater to, and were what we thought of when recalling a major part of our childhood.

Being orginally from the northern part of Minnesota, the outdoors was always an important part of our lifestyle and experience, and finding a cover plate switch which was not only decorative and 3 dimensional, but also displaying magnificant wildlife themes blew me away.

There were moose light switchplates, duck outlet covers, and a plethora of animals, fish and birds you could see and appreciate on these decorative light switch plates.

And it didn't matter if they were decorative switch plates or decorative outlet covers, the impact, enjoyment and fascination was the same; they were just cool. The only challenge with the outlet covers was the larger holes were extra challenges to make the image fit on a smaller sized surface, while retaining the art form.

Another major change that has come in switchplates has been the variety of materials you can choose from. Along with the usual plastic cover switch plate, you have those made in wood, metal and ceramic, and a few others.

This was great in that you could put any of these in about any type of themed room you have in the house; including a shop or home office.

All of this is really fun and enjoyable, as every part of our homes can now be customized and personalized to fit who we are and what we love and stand for.

Light switch covers are now a huge part of that creativity and expression, and we now have about any choice available to meet all our diverse interests; even as it's spread from room to room in our homes.

Light Switch Covers

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