Friday, May 29, 2009

Light Switch Covers | A Subtle Message to Your Hubby Via 'The Family Guy'

Light Switch Covers

I'm always on the lookout for fun and interesting light switch covers, and this one here I just had to share of 'The Family Guy.'

It's just the type of thing you can sneak and put when when your husband is gone, so when he comes home and turns on the light, he can get a look at what you think about the time he's spending with the family.

Of course it should be a fun thing, and it is just as fun to jest at how women view their husbands, as big kids wanting to still hang around with his buddies.

Anyway, it's just a switchplate that I personally thought was great and a conversation piece when the ladies come around and tell you how wise you are for understanding how these grownup kids called husbands are.

Light Switch Covers

Family Guy Switchplate

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