Friday, May 29, 2009

Light Switch Covers | Beautiful Sunflower 3-D Light Switch Cover

Light Switch Cover

The vibrant colors of this sunflower 3-D light switch cover are stunning to me. Being a fan of deep yellow, I thought the colors portrayed here are just gorgeous.

In the middle where you can see the seeds, that was also very creatively done.

One thing the designer of this light switch cover anticipated, was the interference a normal light switch itself would have upon the look, thus the brown colored screws were prepared to blend with the switch, which would have to be changed to the color of the cover.

I could definitely picture the light being turned on and the underneath of the switch being brown, and then when it's turned off, the switch being yellow. That's not that hard to do, as this article on changing the color of your light switch shows.

You would just have to paint the one side first, than cover that up and paint the other.

Light Switch Cover

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