Friday, May 22, 2009

Light Switch Covers | Astounding Variety That Adds To Any Decor

Light Switch Covers

Light switch cover plates have quickly moved from being simply a utilitarian item to a important, valuable part of the decor of a home.

The variety of switch plate covers has grown so much that they reflect the tastes of as many different lifestyles and messages people represent.

Everything is customized these days, and with switch plate decorative covers there are an infinite number of ways to customize the switch plates to communicate who you are.

Even the material of a switch plate can be completely different, as some are made of the usual plastic, but can also be offered in wood, or even ceramic, among a host of others.

Of course even the type of light switch itself will determine the shape of a light switch cover, and they can be rectangular, round, the usual small vertical rectangular shape, or in the case of light plug-ins, you can have those double or even hybrid types.

There are also some that will have multiple switches, so that could even add to your home decor drama.

It's when you get into the decorative plates that the excitement begins though, as the images included on them are of such high quality and made for the tastes of values of anyone, that no house needs to be without a customized version of them.

You can also have decorative switchplates of different types in every room that changes a theme, so your main bedroom could have one theme, your children's rooms another, and the other places in your home like the kitchen can have themed switch plates that go with the rest of the room.

Another exciting development is the way many of our favorite artists have licensed their work out to home decor items to allow their great works to be seen in our homes.

With light switchplates it's no different. You can find almost anything you like in this area as well, and have your favorite artists present in your home and presented on your walls in a way different than their usual medium.

This is of course a lot of fun and satisfying for adults, but children also really enjoy having their rooms customized to their personal tastes.

Seeing their favorite TV star or cartoon character on their light switch plate is very satisfying and fulfilling to them, just like having their blankets or pillows covered with those same images.

Even more fun, you can buy light switch cover plates which can be installed in season, so just like you decorate your house at different seasons of the year with various objects, you can add to your house by including seasonal switchplates around the home. You could even do that in your children's room with something that interests them during that particular season or holiday.

Ok, I had to leave this for last, it's those of us who love to collect many things, and the extraordinary variety of switchplates offers you the potential of a lifetime hobby that will never end.

There's no way you could buy up all the types of switchplates out there. Even if you chose a seasonal switchplate, the variety is so great you would struggle just to collect that theme, let alone several categories.

Like anything else we collect, we should bring it down to just loving the particular item we acquire. If we don't do that with collecting, we end up with every type in the world, but rarely use or appreciate them as they sit around in boxes.

Enough of this. The point is light switch cover plates are no longer just a thing to put over the switch because we need something there to protect us and to cover the insides, it's now something that is fun, decorative and should be part of everyone's creative decor.

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